Reimagining Auto Finance.

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Promote healthy competition
Our platform allows lenders to compete for consumer business.
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Reduce cost for lenders and consumers
We charge lenders a minimal commission, which lowers the cost of business and gives consumers a reduced price.
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Increase speed and control
Consumers can submit their applications quickly and efficiently while maintaining control of the application process.
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Bring insight and education
Lenders can get insight into what drives consumer acquisition, and consumers get insight into what lenders have to offer.

We’re a consumer-oriented financial tech company.

Command+Fi is building a best-in-class auto lending network called Wide-Eye. Wide-Eye will increase transparency in auto lending for consumers, while reducing fees for credit unions and community banks. 

Command+Fi products benefit both the lenders trying to understand their customer with data analytics, and customers who want better insight into their loan options.

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