Reimagining Auto Finance.

Multiple Dollar Notes
Promote healthy competition
Our platform allows lenders to compete for consumer business.
Multiple Dollar Notes
Reduce cost for lenders and consumers
We charge lenders a minimal commission, which lowers the cost of business and gives consumers a reduced price.
Speeding through a tunnel
Increase speed and control
Consumers can submit their applications quickly and efficiently while maintaining control of the application process.
Person reading financial chart on phone
Bring insight and education
Lenders can get insight into what drives consumer acquisition, and consumers get insight into what lenders have to offer.

We’re a consumer-oriented financial tech company.

Command+Fi is building a best-in-class auto lending network called Wide-Eye. Wide-Eye will increase transparency in auto lending for consumers, while reducing fees for credit unions and community banks. 

Command+Fi products benefit both the lenders trying to understand their customer with data analytics, and customers who want better insight into their loan options.

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